Yep, I’m making another series…

Mr D Sign

…who was I kidding saying I was taking a break? In 2014 I made a print of a long-gone Chicago hotdog stand called Pig Outs. It was for a show called “Outdoors” that Ethan D’Ercole put together. I really enjoyed drawing that weird little building and I kept coming back to it. I’ve always loved the weird little roadside shacks that pop up to serve the people their french fries and pizza puffs so I’ve settled on making a total of 12 prints with this subject matter before the end of the year.

They won’t follow a rigid schedule like in the past, there might be 3 in one month and 1 the next. Each print will be 18″ x 24″ (landscape) and will be in an edition of 45. They’ll cost $25 each and like my other series’ I’m offering a few discounted subscriptions here!

First up is an overdue reprint of “Pig Outs” which will be quickly followed by print #2, “Bunyon’s” of Cicero, IL!